Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Butterfly Mosaic

Marika created this one. The butterfly uses 22 full size cupcakes. Her Details are created with: mentos, "googly eyes", pipe cleaners, pink green and yellow frosting, and feathers. She wrapped a cookie sheet with wrapping paper for her tray. SO cute!!! What little girls wouldn't love a butterfly cupcake mosaic for her birthyday!

Monday, January 28, 2008

How to Create Cupcake Mosaics

Hi my name is Christine. My friend Marika and I make cupcake mosaics. What is a cupcake mosaic, you ask? Stay tuned- we'll show you. But - first thing first- before you can make beautiful mosaics, you need to be able to make pretty cupcakes. This little tool, a mechanical pastry bag- is a must have. Mine came from Williams Sonoma, and I love it. I previously have owned two other different brands, both I found very hard to use- this one has been fabulous! I use the large tips, and it makes a professional looking cupcake, a "piece of cake"! Different mosaics will use different size pans, but I like using a mini muffin pan for most of our patterns. The one I have is from Williams Sonoma, and is larger than some others that I have used. One cake mix makes 48 cupcakes instead of 24, so it is "half size". Williams Sonoma also sells liners for them- which you can also find at cake supply stores.